About Dale Epperson

"They wave: from out their fragrant tops
Eternal dews come down in drops.
They weep: from off their delicate stems
Perennial tears descend in gems."

- Edgar Allan Poe

My grandmother Eunice Epperson, & my father Bobby Epperson

My grandmother Eunice Epperson, & my father Bobby Epperson

   I began gardening at a young age alongside my grandmother, Eunice Epperson. We often visited her home in Winchester KY, where she kept an expansive and beautiful garden overflowing with flowers and vegetable crops.

   Eunice instilled a strong food production ethic in my father Bobby, who filled our entire backyard with vegetable and herb beds throughout his lifetime. One small section of the yard was always allotted to me,  and I was charged with maintaining it, which I attempted in earnest.

   My father had an implicit understanding of our connection with nature, and he worked to imbue these concepts into my early education. He always made very experimental and whimsical choices in his plantings, and was integral in developing my love for biodiversity and the natural world.

Our backyard garden is still being maintained by my mother to this day

Our backyard garden is still being maintained by my mother to this day

Later, I found that peaceful quietude and reflection amongst nature are powerful balms for the modern mind, and these are the qualities that I aim to cultivate in my client gardens.

   Leafhopper Landscaping formed in 2014. Since then, we have helped hundreds of people transform their vision of beautiful ornamental flowerbeds into reality. I am interested in all gardening traditions, both naturalistic and formal, despite their wildly different aesthetics.

   In 2017, I joined the board of CKOTA (Central Kentucky Ornamental and Turf Association), which aims to connect people from the various disciplines in horticulture. Our yearly conference grants education credits to landscape architects, arborists, and other people in the industry.

In the winter months, I spend my free time performing classical music (you can hear some examples by clicking here). I also enjoy hiking, camping, and caving. I earned a baccalaureate in philosophy from Morehead State University, with emphases on environmental ethics, aesthetics, and ancient poetry.